What Do We Have to Offer

In times where new technology is rapidly changing the approach of engineering commodities, we add constructive thinking and execution to improve engineering solutions.

With our extensive engineering, design and IT background we provide solutions and services to Plant Owners, EPC contractors, Subcontractors, Vendors, Cabinet builders.

Engineering Services

  • Basic and Detail Engineering;
  • 3D Scanning and As-built services
  • FEED & Migration Studies
  • Power management Studies

Information Technology (IT)

  • Virtualization / Digitalization
  • Virtual Asset Management
  • PCD Security solutions and management (Cyber Security)


  • Multi discipline brownfield plant rejuvenations
  • Full plant Migration projects
  • System Integration projects

Life Cycle Services (LCS)

  • End-2-End solutions (Small maintenance EPIC and Plant changes from design till handover)
  • Reliability engineering
  • Maintenance
  • Asset Management Support

Smartplant instrumentation (SPI)

  • Engineering & As-Built
  • Setup and Maintenance
  • Consultancy and Training
  • Auditing, Database management & hosting

Skid Mounted Solutions

  • Modular Containerized Buildings (Field Auxiliary Rooms, Control Rooms, Sub Stations, Power distribution, Hybrid Gensets)
  • Metering skids, Analyzer skids

Manpower Supply

  • Expert Staff
  • Skilled personnel
  • Sub-contracting

End-to-End Solutions Provider

EpiSES is an independent design and execution contractor and recognized as system integrator and reliable engineering and project management expert for the energy, chemical, oil and gas industry. Our services cover the Automation, Instrumentation and Field Equipment of any brand and we are specialized in the full integration of these system of various OEM’s. We have developed End-to-End solutions to our customers, from design, procurement, installation, commissioning and data management as small EPIC project, providing innovative solutions for day to day operations. We specialize in the development and redevelopment of production facilities, such as oil production facilities, gas-to-liquid plants, production plants, power plants and refineries. Our team is well experienced to manage the technical scope of many system suppliers and provides tailor-made solutions

Where aging of production installation leads to replacement of obsolete system, we provide integrate solution for all system to design a cost-effective solution and controlling the scope of reputed OEM’s. We apply a project execution model which manages all OEM’s and suppliers, maintaining client agreements and arrangements resulting in a well-balanced scope of work and maintains supplier warrantees and guarantees.


The new technologies of digitalization and virtualization, provide challenges to our clients as these require a new approach to systems and organisation. Our experienced team will provide the support based on the experience of prior transitions for study, planning & implementation to create a reliable and maintainable virtual asset.

The transition to a virtual environment for data storage and management is a step that needs to be carefully managed and stretches over the all levels of automation in- & outside the Process Control Domain. Our experienced team will bring the all aspects forward in any stage of the project.

The developments in the Cyber arena is in an accelerated stage and protection is a profound need, however a complex matter. The various systems and interfaces create challenges that can only be resolved with an integrated approach, which is the experience of our team, to overlook the entire domain.

CAD Drafting, Design, Scanning & Conversion

P&ID’s, location-plans, Hook-up details and ISO’s are some of the many drawings we produce. We use the most advanced technologies to ensure quality, efficiency and productivity to a maximum.

Database Services

Information stored in e.g. MS Excel, DBASE, MS Access, Text files, handwritten or scanned documents like datasheets instrument indexes, process data and many others, we translate & migrate into application applied by our client. Transferring data and as-built information into application such as Smartplant Instrumentation and other database driven systems. Customized Forms, Reports and Drawings are designed and build to fit the customer purpose. P&ID Take-off directly into Excel or Database platforms. Smartplant Instrumentation data hosting in one of our data centres.

Responsibility & Liability

A complicated issue with work that is outsourced in Engineering and Design is responsibility & liability. We enable our customer to have full access and provide monitoring capabilities of the work. This makes it possible for a customer to act promptly for instance with time schedules, Q/C activities, planning and work progress.
The customer has access 24 hours per day to our data servers. Comprehensive security walls will limit the access to only that area where your data is stored and prevent others accessing yours.

Quality Management

In our execution we maintain the industrial standards and client procedures. We maintain our own QA/QC ISO 9001. Standards and our procedures ensure the quality and safe execution of our works and keep our people save and sound.

Reliable project management

EpiSES executes multi-disciplinary and small to medium size EPC/EPIC/EPCM projects (Engineering, Procurement and Construction/ Management/Installation and Commissioning), often in remote locations and under harsh conditions. Our skilled personnel are familiar and have extensive experience with refineries, onshore and offshore production facilities, power plants and chemical plants. Together with one of our partners Tarpon Energy Services, we have considerable experience in delivery of integrated modular building such as containerized field auxiliary rooms, control rooms, substations, containerized Genset and more.

Digitalization / Virtualization

With new technologies and drive from all businesses to digitize their asset(s), we provide services and solution to help our customers in study, planning & implementation to achieve a reliable and maintainable virtual asset.

Engineering and Design

Instrument / Process & Electrical engineering, cabinet design and DCS/PLC / Fieldbus programming, Installation and Commissioning, in the energy, petrochemical and chemical industries, are some our experienced disciplines where we offer our services. We use conventional and modern tools like ACAD, MicroStation, Autoplant, Smartplant Foundation for the execution of our project and meet all international standards

Integrated Modular Buildings (E-House)

Together with our consortium partner Tarpon Energy Services, we design and manufacture plug and play containerized solution for any application such as but not limited to; Sub Stations, Field Auxiliary Rooms, Control Rooms, etc.

Panel/Cabinet Manufacturing

With cabinet manufacturing facilities in Middle East and Asia our customers benefits from excellent workshops performance where timely delivery and high quality is our top priority.

Construction, Commissioning & Start-up support for E&I works

Our qualified personnel support in any phase of a project. where there might be a need to support on completion management for construction to achieve ready for commissioning and mechanical completion, creating all necessary ITP and test forms for pre-commissioning and commissioning. Support on the execution during commissioning or by ensuring that during the performance testing before start-up all works are executed as per scope and all is functioning as should be to achieve ready for start-up

Consulting & Training

We provide the consultancy for successful implementation of Smartplant products, design & engineering software and data-storage application in your organization. We especially pay attention to the flow and need data through your organisation and the cover the data and information flow over all disciplines and departments. Explicit training can be provided for DB Administrators, project leaders, engineers, designers and data entry, is an important part of our expertise. Tailor made solutions as per your organisation requirements.

Man-power Supply E&I

If there is a need in your business we supply skilled technicians, supervisors, engineers and commissioning engineers to support on any type of project during any phase. Our skilled personnel are aware of most common standards and procedures such as DEP, IEC, IEEE, ISO, ISA, etc. Our personnel are used to work in any work condition around the globe.